We can advise on niche areas of law and regulatory matters that are very specialist.

Some examples include:

Directors’ Disqualification Proceedings

Proceedings of this nature are brought by the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills against Directors of Companies, usually, as a result, of a company becoming insolvent.

Proceedings of this nature are specialist and not a straightforward commercial negotiation as is often the case in commercial litigation. There is no commercial element to it; the Secretary of State’s duty is to uphold the law and to protect the public, as prescribed by parliament. For that reason, specialist tactical knowledge and experience is required.

Taxation and valuations can often be the source of disputes of this nature, value added tax (VAT), especially. Mann Roberts have significant experience advising in that regard.

National Minimum Wage Investigations

Paying the National Minimum Wage (NMW) is not as straightforward as it seems. If you pay people on, or just over, the level prescribed by parliament you run the risk of straying the wrong side of the line when relevant deductions are considered, such as uniform or transportation charges.

The consequences of getting it wrong can be severe if not mitigated. Not only does the shortfall have to be made up, but the offending entity will be published on a publicly visible ‘name and shame’ register, which can have far reaching consequences when tendering for contracts and services, especially public tenders.

If your business finds itself embroiled in an HMRC investigation into payment of less than NMW, Mann Roberts can help.