We only have two rules when it comes to costs and funding:

  1. It has to be a good deal for you; and
  2. It has to be a good deal for us.

We will consider any funding proposal that is put to us and if it meets the above two criteria the chances are that we will go for it.

We will always put our money where our mouth is. If we tell a client that they have a good claim we will always risk at least a proportion of our fee (if you want us to do so).

The much-maligned hourly rate remains by far and away the most popular method of funding cases but there are lots of other options available such as:

  • Fixed fees, 
  • ‘No win no fee,’ 
  • Pay us a percentage of what we achieve for you
  • Ask us to source a third party to pay your costs in return for providing them with a share of any gains made etc.

It is very difficult to be able to give accurate information about costs unless we know what your job will be about!

Why not book a 40 minute consultation with us? It is free and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed. We will help you as much as we reasonably can in that time and provide you, as far as it is possible to do so, with good information as to how much you might expect any matter to cost.

There is nothing to lose by having a chat with us.

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