We are specialist advisors to those involved in the agricultural market. We have years of experience advising farmers, their suppliers and contractors. We understand that the farming sector operates differently to other sectors and has unique demands and needs.

We can assist with any legal matters that may arise in your farming business. For example, disputes between partners or shareholders, or matters involving suppliers and customers.

We can advise in relation to any matters pertaining to the ownership of land, be it an equitable interest, for example, or the position of a boundary.

We also have experience in advising farms and farmers in the diversification of the farming business, be that into renewable energy, or some other form of farm business innovation. 

Examples of how we can assist your farming business:

  • Disputes with other businesses
  • Contractual arrangements e.g. for a dairy operation
  • Corporate governance and strategy
  • Diversification e.g. renewables or tourism
  • Employment law advice
  • Insolvency and restructuring